Decimal hour display for Taskcoach, Part 2

UPDATE: The latest version of TaskCoach (1.3.37) has this patch included. So, head on over to the download page and update.
This is an update to an earlier post which changed the effort panel display to use decimal hours instead of hh:mm:ss, but it did not have any settings or configuration. This new version provides an entry in the features tab of the preferences for turning this functionality on and off, for those of you who only want the feature enabled when it’s time to create an invoice.
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Decimal Hour Display in Task Coach

As a freelancer, it’s imperative that I keep track of my time spent per client. The problem, is that while Task Coach uses hour:minute:second to format effort totals, my invoicing/finance software, GnuCash, uses decimal hours. This makes transferring times from my Task Coach to my invoices a bit onerous.

I’ve looked around, and couldn’t find anything on how to make Task Coach use decimal hours, so I dug around in the source code and implemented it myself. ┬áThe patch is below. ┬áThis is a simple fix – there’s no settings for it, it simply switches the display of efforts to decimal hours.

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