Saitek Eclipse II Left Control Key Anomaly

left control key

I’ve noticed another issue with the Eclipse II – the left control key takes harder pressing to activate.  I surmise this is deliberate – most FPS games require hammering and/or mashing the left control key to fire the primary weapon.  On Linux, where many of my terminal operations and application shortcuts make heavy use of the left control key (think emacs, or simply sending a process a SIGINT) it can be quite annoying.  While there’s no fix, as usual, I’ve got a handy workaround (for KDE users).

The simple solution I came up with, is a Plasma widget that shows when the control key is down.  Something I could easily glance at while working, to make sure my control key is down – at least until my left pinky gets used to mashing the hell out of that key.

I went through a few notifier widgets, until I found this keystate widget.  It comes in source form, however no compilation is needed.  There is however no installation instructions – I guess the developer assumes the user knows how to install plasma widgets.  Anyway, here’s the step-by-step – you do NOT need to be root for this (nor should you be – this is a user widget):

You can copy this as-is into a terminal:

# download the source
git clone git://

# install the widget
plasmapkg -i keystate

Next, add the widget where you want it. In the Add Widgets dialog, it will be called “Key State” with a keyboard icon. After some playing in the settings to get it just right, I see a notifier when I have the control key down like this:

key state

I don’t have a solution for Gnome users, but I’m sure something similar exists.

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