Brother HL-2230 via LPR/LPD

I have a Brother HL-2230 that’s shared via LPR on my router. Up until today, it’s had this issue with printing multiple copies, or anything involving printing more than 1 physical page. It worked fine if plugged into a computer (my Linux machine, or my Mac) via USB, but something about sharing it via the network has always had this issue. I’d blamed it on the printer, blamed it on CUPS, blamed it on the individual application.

I’m posting this not to complain, but because I searched everywhere online for a solution and came up empty-handed. This is actually a very good printer, considering it only cost me about $60 online.

Turns out it was a pretty simple fix…

The problem

When attempting to print more than one physical page, the printer would print the first page, stall until the “Go” button was pressed, print the first two inches of the page, and then – wait for it – print blank pages until the printer was out of paper. As a humorous note, the printer then tells me that it’s only problem is “out of paper”. Cute, huh?

The solution

The error lies completely in page scaling. If I turn off page scaling in the print dialog (I know, pain in the ass) for each job, the problem stops. It prints perfectly with no delays and no errors.