About Me


My name is Tom Monaco.  I’m a software engineer, I hold a BS in Computer Science from the University of Arizona, and I’ve been in the industry since I graduated in 2005.

I spent my college years handling technical support and network administration for an entire department at the University’s medical center.  It was a fun job; I even got to do quite a bit of actual programming, but I had to move on to full-time work once I graduated.

After graduating, I started out in the law-enforcement sector, working with cops and ex-cops on analytics, intelligence management, and lead-generation software.  I spent about 4 years there writing and maintaining Java client/server applications, designing and optimizing SQL Server and Oracle queries (which had to perform well over very large datasets), and some .NET work.

Next, I got to work with a defense sector client, leading a team of developers responsible for maintaining internal applications – most of which were either J2EE or ColdFusion applications.

While I was working with my defense sector client, I decided to switch gears – I got married, and decided to start a family.  Working 40-60 hour weeks was no longer for me – I decided I wanted to focus on my family.  So I resigned from my awesome defense sector position to stay home and run my own business instead.

I’ve been freelancing ever since and I’ve never looked back.

My current work is mostly Java, and my personal development runs the gamut – any language, framework, or tool that looks fun, and I’m all over it.

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